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You've got what it takes?

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Noodelicious - Eclipse Restaurants Franchise Concept Noodelicious - Eclipse Restaurants Franchise Concept

Commitment. Capital. Capability.

While Eclipse Restaurants franchising is a fantastic opportunity for many, it may not be for everyone. We're looking for entrepreneurs with the correct attitude to build a strong, successful business. What we are looking for a is either a single store Taste Center or a double-store Speed Center commitment. If you're one of these people, please check the following requirements to see if Eclipse Restaurants is right for you:

Do you have the capital necessary to open a successful franchise?
  • Personal Net Worth of US$500 Thousand
  • Liquidity of US$250,000
  • Endorsed financial plan for future development
Do you have a love for hands-on operations?
  • System-service restaurants are hands-on businesses
  • A total dedication to Customer Satisfaction is a must
  • Foodservice experience (you or your partners) is necessary
Are you committed to building unique opportunities?
  • A commitment to both management and team training
  • An infrastructure that supports rapid growth of the business and opportunities for its employees
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